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Hi all welcome to my blog, i love my dolls houses and 12th scale of all kind.I love trying to make my own stuff, dont like sewing much prefer gluing. Will have a go at anything.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

I bought dolls house and minature scene mag

Morning all, thankyou to all my new followers, pop back again soon please. As i said in title i bought the mag yesterday, and in it is an article on the 1940's houses, with some lovely ideas to buy some items, which i have more or less already bought. Anyway i opened my house and decided the sofa needed some tarting down, as it was too clean and kind of modern looking. Now i had been on KT Minature site, and they have osme really lovely sofas, so that is where i got inspired. I added some covers and a cat, and today am going to make osme cushions. Heres pic so far hope you like it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Would  like to say i have 35 followers now, thankyou all for following me, and a big welcome to my Blog, am actually enjoying doing the blog, and following most of yours, such fun and a good way to get ideas too.

Need a few more followers soon as i get to 50  i ll do a lucky dip first one out gets a mini prize from me, thanks guys, i am un UK its been such a long cold winter cant wait for Summer hence why i put my beach scene on yesterday as getting really fed up of wrapping up warm , take care and mini hugs to you all. Picture is our cat Wniston, he is a rescue cat weve had him 3 years now, he is so sweet.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The wartime Garden.

I loved doing this house. However i had a big house move 2 years ago and now the garden is so much smaller than it was, i still got in what i wanted but the Anderson shleter had to go into the allotment where the pigs live in it now.

New pics of my Wartime house, 'Springwood Cottage' aka Dolls House Emporium

I ve been asked to add some pics of wartime house, so today have done all new ones how the house looks now. Cant bleieve how much dust was in it either lol, motto is 'look inside regulary!!!!
Hope you enjoy them!!! these were requested by my friend Linda Larsen, who i promised i would do them today for her.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Exciting last couple of days!!

Have had a lovely few days, my beautiful doll came from Mary yesterday and also i received my renovation house, the Glencroft by Greenleaf, have never had a plywood house before, am quite excited by it, love its nooks and crannies. Heres a pic for you, i have a MDF Bungalow to do first, my sons bought it for me for xmas, am doing it as a shabby chic beach house, so i wont be doing Glencroft until the warmer weather, i love painting outside in the garden.Also with the house came the original box it was in,Glencrfot, with still ots of things to make up for it but the main house is built thankfully!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My new doll is here meet, Camille!!!

Some months ago i spoke to Mary of http://www.dollshousedolls.co.uk/ about if she could make me a doll for my french tower, i wanted her to sit on the bed and with lovely flowing nightie on. Also i wanted her to have brunette tossled hair, well after some months emailing to and fro she arrived today. I really, really love her she is beautiful, thought youd like to see her in her room, the bed clothes are still being worked on.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Wow i now have 28 followers in such a short time thankyou all for following me, when i get up to 50 i will do a little giveaway ive noticed lots of you do it on your blogs so i will too.

Please come visit again would love you to stop by, i love visiting the blogs too xxx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Glencroft by Greenleaf

This morning i was looking on ebay cos hubby had bought a scuba diving regulater for his tank, so was paying for it. Well i happened to look on ebay as you do, dolls houses of course!! Then i saw it...........................wanted it....................... had to have it................. so bidded on a Glencroft, have always wanted an american house. Love the look of them, they are so cute from the front.........Anyway tonight no one else had bid, so i won its for grand some of  £26.00 plus 20.00 postage, yay so happy will put a picture on asap.