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Hi all welcome to my blog, i love my dolls houses and 12th scale of all kind.I love trying to make my own stuff, dont like sewing much prefer gluing. Will have a go at anything.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Glencroft by Greenleaf

This morning i was looking on ebay cos hubby had bought a scuba diving regulater for his tank, so was paying for it. Well i happened to look on ebay as you do, dolls houses of course!! Then i saw it...........................wanted it....................... had to have it................. so bidded on a Glencroft, have always wanted an american house. Love the look of them, they are so cute from the front.........Anyway tonight no one else had bid, so i won its for grand some of  £26.00 plus 20.00 postage, yay so happy will put a picture on asap.


  1. Congrats Chrissey! I love The Glencroft. Are you going to put a thatched roof on it?

    Victoria ♥

  2. Congratulations Crissey!!
    You had a good buy :)
    I am still looking for that house too ;)


  3. Morning all, thankyou Victoira and Jollie, i ve never done a thachted roof, gosh that sounds so good, so yes maybe lol. I have always wanted to try one of these houses so was so happy i won it and at a good price too.
    Do either of you know anyones blog who has one please, do let me know, have been googling the house already lol xx

  4. Here is a wonderful blog that tells how to make all the Greenleaf houses. I think she is Gwen a very nice http://moreminis.blogspot.com/.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Congratulations Chrissey,it is a wunderful house.
    I was lucky to find one here in a little antiek shop, now I am working on it, I have some foto's from the house on my Dutch Blog.
    If you want to see them:
    Have a lovely day, Mieke

  6. Thankyou Mieke i just looked at your house it looks lovely, have you any pics of the inside plz you look like you have done all of the outside, it looks amazing x

  7. looking forward to seeing it Chrissey. A thatch roof sounds good and would suit the house perfectly

  8. Hey Chrissey,I have no pictures yet from the inside, I am working on the kitchen right now, but I am also working on other projects.
    If the kitchen is ready I will make some pics.

    Groetjes Mieke

  9. Hi Mieke would love to see it, my house should be with me this week i cant wait. My friend said to thatch the roof, what are you doing on yours please, am so excited xx