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Hi all welcome to my blog, i love my dolls houses and 12th scale of all kind.I love trying to make my own stuff, dont like sewing much prefer gluing. Will have a go at anything.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The wartime Garden.

I loved doing this house. However i had a big house move 2 years ago and now the garden is so much smaller than it was, i still got in what i wanted but the Anderson shleter had to go into the allotment where the pigs live in it now.


  1. It's such a reality scene with the washing hanging on the line, especially the stockings.

  2. love love love love it!!!! :D i have all the stuff for inside and garden...just been searching for the right kit...this one is ideal!!!! thank you!!!! how excitement!!! lol :D Linda x

  3. Aww Linda so glad you came over, glad you love it too, will look forward to seeing yours, was good i did new pics as i hadnt opened it for months and it was quite dusty so it had a good spring clean too, cos Lil isnt a very competant cleaner, hope you do find a kit, i also added extra walls and doors, so at least you can kit bash them, let me know when you do buy yur house please xx

  4. Hiya Linda i looked at your war time houses on KT minatures site, they qere lovely, i loved the kitchen and the boys room best of all, good luck with your search for another property.