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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Terrible week

Omg i have had the worst week of my life. As most of you know my hubby has a form of MS, ok we can cope with that. But last week he had a blackout and cut his head open and was dazed, had to get ambulance we spent hours up the a and e, as they thought he had a stroke or TIA, anyway he went down for a CT scan but scanner had broken down so sent home with orders no driving and nothing strenus on the frid we got a call to go back for scan which we did. Then on Sunday another call to say he got to go to TIA clnic on Tuesday, sorry lnog story i know, went there and they did all sorts of tests and it was caused by a low blood prezsure he has, so thank god it wasnt a stroke, a real week of worry.
Today i got a bargain which i ll show you all, We have a sell, swap and buy in this area on Facebook and i happened to click on there this morning and got all this for grand sum of £5.00, yay i love a bargain.


  1. So glad your husband is ok, how scary.
    Hope this week is better for you.


  2. Wow Chrissey - Sorry about that frightful week you had. What a relief that your husband is OK now. Wish both of you all the best.

  3. aww thankyou Victoria and Drora, it was horrid but thank gods all calm on the western front now, thank god i can get on with my mini ing xx

  4. Oh my. Thinking of you. My grown daughter has seizures every once in a while. Though they are not terrible they require all sorts of tests and Dr's visits so I understand your week. I love escaping to my miniworld. C

  5. Hi My Realitty, thankyou , i thank god its over with now, must be hard with your daughter too. Life sucks at times but we carry on i love my minature world lol